Thursday, January 16, 2014

Please. Stop Asking People To Watch Your Shitty Twitch Streams.

Let's talk about the retarded elephant in the room.

Everytime I go to a game blog or log into a MMO.

There is always someone going "HEY! WATCH MY STREAM HERE!"

Take your head set off.


The only time people want to watch videos of you playing is if you have useful information on a game because the game is either in beta , you are giving your opinion or commentary about what you think of the game (such as Totalbiscuit, AngryJoe etc) or you have The Walking Dead which is more of a movie than a video game.

I really see no point in watching SOMEONE ELSE play a game that is available to everyone unless you just can't afford it. And if you do get people to watch it, why would someone come back when you have nothing to offer. Think I want to watch a 48 hour stream of you sitting in town afk?


Then cut the shit out.

If you aren't doing anything unique or spectacular in the game that every single person on the planet can't do or hasn't done...stop.


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