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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just Thinking : Turn-Based Combat Does Not Belong In Any Star Wars MMO

Now, I am by no means a "Star Wars geek" or knowledgable about much of the lore besides the first three movies, KOTOR and Jedi Knight series but...

I've been thinking after watching the Star Wars movies (the first originals) on how a perfect Star Wars MMO would be. You know? The type of gameplay, mechanics and features it would have.

I felt the best way to achieve a good Star Wars MMO is to follow the period AFTER the originals. Either right after the end of Return of the Jedi or around the time period of the Jedi Knight : Academy game series.

Even though I have been playing MMOs for years, it took me a while to understand what people meant by "turn-based" combat. And now that I understand what "turn-based" combat means, I can see why turn-based combat doesn't feel right in some games.

I want to jump right into it though. I think alot of the issues with MMOs is the "turn-based combat" in them. It seems very out of place, especially Star Wars MMO.

I think that combat in a Star Wars MMO should not be similiar to other MMOs. It should not have the type of combat where you hit someone with a lightsaber and it doesn't inflict tons of damage. It should be more about BLOCKING / DEFENSE.

Therefore, I think the animations and gameplay should be based around defending yourself.  Where you block until one of you gets lucky enough get a hit on the other.

And as much as I would like FPS style combat, that is usually the first type of combat to become exploited with aimbots and other hacks auto-target system will suffice.

 I also think that crowd control skills have gone too far MMOs and if you play SWTOR you will see what I am talking about.