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Monday, December 26, 2016

Ultimate Deluxe Super Mega Game Edition!

2016, almost 2017, and it's to the point where I can't feel sorry for consumers anymore when it comes to video games and the purchases of said games.

So, I was thinking about buying some games tonight. I don't know, I usually don't play half the games I buy more than a few hours once I find out it's just more fake-Hollywood, linear bullshit but sometimes the stories can be good. 

After seeing Rogue One, I became slightly interested in Star Wars again. I saw an ad for a Rogue One addition to Star Wars Battlefront and thought I might purchase it. I'm not much of an FPS person but they can be fun every now and then.

So upon my search,  I was scrolling through EA Origins and noticed this:

Yes that's right.

Three different editions for the game: "Standard", "Deluxe", and "Ultimate".

Each version has more than it's predecessor. I laughed about it at first and said to my girlfriend, "What's next? Super Ultimate Deluxe Edition?"


Wait. Wait. You know what? Maybe I'll check out that new Mass Effect game I...

So as it turns out: I wasn't that far off with my jest.

The jest of course being of how ridiculous and anti-consumerist these publishers could be.

I don't put any type of money grubbing scheme past these publishers now.

I am more amazed by the amount of people that continuously support these publishers though. 

We are now at the point where there is DLC on release. DLC literally being nothing more than content which was ripped from the final product, chopped up into pieces and sold in parts later. Of course, the developers and publishers like to deny this but they are in fact lying to you. 

We have "Season Passes" as well. Probably the worst of all the scumbag tactics these publishers have come up with. They literally sell you DLC garbage so that you don't pay for future DLC garbage they will release. Oh, but you don't know how much of the DLC garbage you will actually get because most, or all, season passes don't include ALL OF THE DLC GARBAGE. SURPRISE!

You know what I do now though? I skip any game that has DLC, more than one edition excluding GotY, and any other cheap money grubbing tactics. 

Most of these game are short and not even worth the price they are asking for. They want us to pay more for these games based on the "quality" but they surely don't reduce the prices to that merit.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

OT: Prototype 2 Release in NA April 24, 2012 / EU April 27, 2012! Hells Yes!

Man, I've been waiting for Prototype 2 for a while now. 

Thank you Radical Entertainment!

And yes, I know it's just a huge hack and slash game... but at least it does it in damn good fashion.

I haven't tried Prototype 2 yet demo wise, but if it is anything like the first then I expect alot of mayhem, a big city and tons of carnage. 

It's also nice to see a game break through the race barrier and put a black character in the lead role...

Sure Sgt. James Hellers character design is very similar to Alex Mercer and he looks like someone you wouldn't want to meet after the sun goes down but...

Apparently, SGT. Heller Isn't Fond of Alex Mercer.'s something I rarely, if EVER see in lead roles of games.

Not that it should matter....

...Unless you played Mass Effect 3 and noticed Jacob was the only one that cheats and has a baby momma...

It's possible we might even see the antagonist Alex Mercer in this game. Whether he turns out to be an actual "enemy"...we will have to see.

Also, this game was the only game people actually liked at Comic-Con...

...I'm pretty sure that has something to do with Venom...

...Just a guess.

What DOES suck is that the PC Port is coming out later on July 24 2012.

I'm not a console gamer but that's fine I suppose. 

Just going to avoid every video about the game until I get my copy!